About the Elder Gods

November 23, 2020

To understand The Six, one must first understand their origins and direct relation to the Elder Gods. This is their history.

There are a finite number of universes and parallel dimensions, yet this number is so great that one could be forgiven for thinking it infinite. From that first universe to come into existence there was the first species to evolve into higher beings. No one knows what they were called or what their early civilization was like. All that was forgotten to time and what they eventually became. By the end of their universes' life, they had become a vast collective mind and compendium of all life in their space. But they were now faced with the entropy of their reality, an inevitable death that even they, in their vast wisdom, could not escape. In a last-ditch effort to survive; they ripped a hole in space and escaped into a much younger, parallel universe. They allowed their own evolution to continue and were eventually faced with the same dilemma. They could not stop the entropy of this universe. So they would slip again and again into new worlds.

In time, their great knowledge of all things would become second only to their own survival. No longer a collective of individuals but a hive of consciousness and single life-form. This life-form became known as the Elder Gods. It was capable of separating pieces of itself off, giving the appearance of additional, individual beings, yet it still maintained its collective link to the greater mass. As such, the term Gods is appropriate being both singular and plural in its existence. They would eventually grow weary of escaping death and rather than stay silent in their evolution, began to interact with all sorts of inhabitants of the universes they came into. They devised a plan that if they could consume enough energy, they could prevent entropy. They began to feed from the universes they inhabited, enough to pull the expansion back to their cosmic centers. Before killing it completely, they would slip into a new universe and begin the process again, feeding on all the energy and life it has to offer. They become more powerful and take more life as their own.   

At first they rationalized the destruction they caused as preserving life. Since all life they consumed became a part of them. It would live on with them in some way. Eventually they stopped caring all-together. As the Elder Gods fed on one universe, their tendrils would reach out towards the next conquest. When a universe is deemed ripe for the taking, they dispatch six parts to seed it with their intent. Because they can only dispatch a small part of themselves from the outside, the way to travel in their entirety must be opened from the side of the universe they wish to traverse to. And it must be opened by inhabitants of that universe as they contain the unique energy signature of their own universe. The Six are sent to provide wonders to these inhabitants. Their power over the elements of space and time are so great that they appear indistinguishable from magic. They plant the seed of magical thinking and tend to their crops, encouraging their victims to open the way for the Elder Gods to arrive en masse.