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In a possible future eons from now, the Summoners are defeated by Raggoth and the God of War has lain waste to the Planets, defeating even his own Father, Gamat, the God of Power, as revenge for Creating the Jupiter’s Child. After conquering Jupiter and its Moons, Raggoth destroys the Rings of Saturn and massacres the people of Saturn’s moons before executing Hetra, the Goddess of Wisdom.   

Seeing his inevitable end by the Wrath of Raggoth, Theratron, God of Magic, seeks congress with his only remaining allies against Raggoth: Othess, Goddess of Knowledge, and Shaad, God of Death. The Three Gods knew their end was inevitable if they did not strategize. Othess began by accosting Theratron, “Hadst thou not Created the God of Deceit, still yet a Holy Balance between War and Peace wouldst remain and thy gambit would leave thy Eternal Life and mine without threat of Oblivion!” Theratron stroked his silver beard, considerate of His Divine Miscalculation, “When our Minds were made to Create, every Old God knew Oblivion could come of it. There be no Wisdom in the way of Blame without consideration to Correction.”  

 A Young God among them, Shaad was yet more powerful than either, having claimed the Souls of the Dead from the Planets for many eons as they were ravaged by the God of War. No longer the frail one among the Gods but still yet silent and reserved, He spoke in a whisper: “Mine is the Power among thee, but still yet I shan’t compare to the Power of Raggoth. Still yet, find I coalition with Beael, Warden of Endless Sleep, Demon King of Mercury, who also hast lain claim to Souls of the Dead in these many millennia, the mighty God of War may know Pain long enough to allow thine Knowledge and Magic to save us all.” Theratron, with a voice full of hope and fear, beckoned Shaad begone to the Wastes of Mercury, for which Shaad flew on wings of carrion.   

Othess grabbed then Theratron by the jaw, holding Her face close to his, “It is by thine Magic and mine own Knowledge we must sort this, for even combined Power of the Demon King and God of Death alone cannot rend this disaster thou hast brought upon us.” Releasing him and conjuring an Hourglass, the Goddess stared deep into the Old God’s eyes, “There be no time left; ours must be a preventive measure.” Theratron, smiling finally at the Truth of Her Word and His own cleverness, said with madness in his voice, “And so a Wizard there shall be…”   

With what Power remained among them, the Old Gods formed Y’Takt, the Eater of Days, a powerful but slightly mad Time Wizard tasked to seek the most crucial moment in Raggoth’s rise and undo it. Othess adorned Y’Takt with Her Hourglass; Theratron, in a fit of madness, plucked out His own Eye and forged a staff with which it could be held. The Eater of Days accepted these gifts with a chuckle, marveling at his own Power, before being chastised by Othess: “Young Wizard, thou must not know arrogance in the face of Raggoth. Thy Knowledge of Time and Magic must be used with precise calculation, not for Chaos as that of thine Father.” She glared at Theratron, who still cackled as His socket bled. “There be One, only One, who hast nearly defeated the War God.”  

“One who destroyed Apophis, Raggoth’s Weapon of War. One who invaded Mars with Legions of Earth. One who threw Raggoth to the ground and impaled Him with the Godslayer. Before this Being could deliver the killing blow, Raggoth used His Magic to split them back into Six and scatter them across the Planets in a Diaspora, defeating them One by One. Seek thou Ypseth, God of None. Seekest those who draw the Summoner’s Circle. Thou must bring them together and bring an end to the Wrath of Raggoth.”  

Using the Eye of Theratron and the Hourglass of Othess, Y’Takt opened a door through Space and Time, flying on wings of tachyon to find the Summoners and reform the Circle, cackling madly as millennia subsided before him.