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Mars, Created by Raggoth, God of War, was a planet devoted to the cultivation of Power and Ancient Wisdom of War. Great weapons were forged, Legions were Summoned forth, and all who walked upon the red sand of the planet’s surface worshipped Raggoth and immersed themselves each in his ancient and sacred Ideology of Blood.

The Ideology of Blood was the Law of Mars, and the guiding light of its many Legions as they rode into battle. It was inscribed in its entirety upon a crimson monolith towering in front of the even more insurmountable Palace of Hate, wherein the God of War ruled over the planet upon an iron throne. The Scribe who tirelessly marked the monolith with the Word of God, as dictated to him by Raggoth himself, was Algiron, the Minister of Torment and Left Hand of the War God.

Algiron was forged from magnesium and shadow, a being of darkness whose heart was full of hatred. His lusted not after Blood, but Pain, a sadistic torturer of prisoners and slaves of Mars. His Evil disturbed even the mighty King of the Mountain, his brother Absalon. The Doomfoot would often pass Judgement on the Minister of Torment for his cruelty, but Raggoth believed Algiron’s methods useful and regarded him as a Sage.

With Justice at his Right Hand and Pragma at his Left, the Great God of War ruled over Mars and prepared for a Crusade against the Planets until succumbing to the beauty of Nyreth, Goddess of Peace and Creator of Venus. The only love deeper than Raggoth’s for Nyreth was the unrequited and blasphemous love Algiron felt for the Goddess of Peace in silence, coveting her affection with every beat of his ebony heart. Absalon sensed the jealousy of the Left Hand, and confronted the Minister of Torment in secret.“

Fool you are!” bellowed Absalon, “It is not but the Love of Nyreth that keeps the War God at bay! Billions of hearts go on beating because of their Divine Romance. Would your lust for the Goddess of Peace truly take priority over so many lives, many that of your own Martian brethren?”

Algiron hissed, “Heretic! The Ideology of Blood commands the Legions of Mars to conquer and kill while our hearts beat still! Our purpose is to destroy and command not to brood forever in the sickening Silence of Peace! Accuse me as you will of such blasphemy as to covet God Himself, but your own Words will light the livid fire of your own torment!”

Absalon laughed: “My hammer says otherwise, little brother, and I would not think it Wise to defy the Will of Kthuul!” Doomfoot raised his mighty warhammer and Algiron began to cower, begging him for Mercy: “Fear not, my brother! I would never tell the Father of such treason, as you have kept my own secret from Him, a treason committed in my own heart. I repent, and beg you take pity on me!”

Absalon laughed again as he lowered Kthuul. He did not believe his brother’s lies, but he did take pity on him, for even with all his Magic and Forbidden Knowledge, the Minister of Torment was no match for the King of the Mountain. Absalon spoke, “Know this, Algiron. I am always watching from the Olympus Mons, and I am always wary of your wicked ways. Do not test my patience further and I will not bring my Judgement down upon you from the sacred summit of the Holy Mountain.”

Succumbing to Absalon’s intimidation, Algiron slunk into the shadows, snarling as he placed a Curse upon the Mountain King, dooming his uprising to fail, an uprising unknown yet to the Mountain King but foretold in secret through sciomancy.

As Time passed, the Deception of Igna, Creator of Mercury, lead to Raggoth’s raid of Venus and Nyreth’s suicide. Heartbroken and henceforth in hate with his own Creator, Algiron became an apostate in secret, worshipping instead the God of Death and Creator of Pluto: Schaad. He practiced his Black Magic and expanded his gaze into Forbidden Knowledge by peering into the deep Void of Oblivion, waiting long for the Death God to answer his prayers and vowing to one day assassinate the God of War.

During the Great War waged upon Mars by Ypseth, God of None with their Legions of Earth alongside the Insurrection of Absalon with his Legions of the Olympus Mons, Algiron made his escape from the Red Planet once and for all. Raggoth watched from the field of battle as the magician He'd so carefully crafted from His own cruelty leapt from the pinnacle of the crimson monolith whereupon the same magician had inscribed the Ideology of Blood. Raggoth contemplated where He'd gone wrong to see such utter cowardice and disrespect from his Left Hand, but before Algiron’s body struck the red soil below, an angelic form on wings of carrion swept the magician from the air and carried him into the stars, evading firey bolts of Raggoth’s Judgement as they left the atmosphere of Mars for the darkest, coldest realm among the Planets.

Pluto was a world of phantoms, a barren plane where Lost Souls wander endlessly in shadow. No air, no light, and no life… except for that of Algiron as he touched down softly upon the solitary planet. He bowed to the winged creature who'd brought him there, knowing this was the God of Death Himself. He looked up, feeling something he'd never felt upon the surface of Mars as he gazed into the Eyes of his chosen Master, the Shepard of Souls and Gatekeeper of Oblivion.

he magician felt humility.

“My Lord, I am your disciple. Teach me what I must know to satisfy my vow to destroy my Creator. Mold me in your image, make me your Hand.” Algiron said this with conviction, his veins filling with desperate adoration he'd never once felt for Raggoth as he begged Schaad to be His servant. Schaad whispered not into the ears of Algiron, but into the mind: “I need no Hand, Magician of Mars. I need nothing and I ask nothing, for My Will be done by the inevitable passing of Time.” Schaad looked up to the stars and his eyes began to glow, “For mine is the Will of Oblivion, and Oblivion claims us all in the End.”

The God of Death raised Algiron from the ground, placing a hand upon the magician’s heart and continuing to whisper in the magician’s mind: “Let me serve thee as thy Teacher and thy Guide, let me lead thee into the Deep and Dark. Thou art filled with hatred and purpose and thou art destined to see the War God fall.” With this, Schaad reached into Algiron and ripped the Magician’s Name from his Soul, destroying the last bond held between his new disciple and Raggoth. Light poured from the eyes and mouth of the Magician as his body levitated above the surface of Pluto, the God of Death reaching deeper and deeper into his being…

“Thou shalt be Named by thy God, and I shall name thee Hex.”