Lead Guitar

Gog was born into the ranks of the Sor by his father, a bishop, and his mother, a paladin. He was always a skeptic when it came to the sovereignty of God, but was willing to do his labors as an acolyte to the best of his abilities. 

He and Magog were named as brothers though they were not bonded by blood; they were raised to work alongside each other as scouts and messengers for the clergy. They passed secrets and plans between churches and could move silently into the Deep Shadow to collect information on their movements and esoteric practices.Gog's skepticism magnified upon his learning of the ancient ritual performed by the creator to summon Mercury into existence, seeing it as something that could be performed by any being with divine blood. Those in lower ranks of the clergy and those who worked as laborers beneath them were not allowed to know of the other planets and other gods; this was something even Gog and Magog only learned of by deciphering cryptic messages they were tasked with by the bishops.Upon hearing of the Death of God, Gog was ready to make his departure from the cult he'd been chained to for so long; once he and Magog were tasked with the gathering of divine blood, Gog's plan was made perfect. 

In the beginning, Magog was reluctant; his belief in the power of the old creator was sincere and he could not bear the thought of betraying the Sor. However, once Gog explained the politics of the situation, including the hopeless state of the Sor, the untold power of Beael, and Raggoth's imminent return, the solution became clear to Magog: a new god, a new world, a new reckoning...