Drums, Percussion

In the ancient cosmos that existed before the Creation of the Planets, before the Birth of Isa and many thousands of other Starchildren, the Cosmos was immaterial and inhabited by abstract intelligence that manipulated reality on a whim. These beings were like thoughts and feelings and interacted with one another through plains of what we now understand as Magic. Nothing was created or destroyed, nothing was of consequence. Everything existed both simultaneously and individually, each intelligence inhabiting it's own specific nuance in  infinite degrees of separation within the singular point that encompassed all existence.

Then, there was Defiance. An intelligence severed itself from the singularity and began to materialize, Creating material reality that could both reflect and interact with the infinite variations of ideal forms within the singularity. This revolutionary schism in the cosmos made the infinite abstractions become frantic and fearful of their newfound Adversary and sought to consume and reassimilate said being before it destroyed them all.

The battle between the immaterial and material was a slaughter. Leaving only thousands of the abstract intelligences of the prior singularity in existence, the Adversary began to forge an army, a Legion to exterminate what was left of the singularity and Create a material reality superior to the stagnation of a purely abstract existence. The undoing of the Ancient Singularity continued until all sentience older than the Adversary was destroyed, making the Adversary the oldest being in the Cosmos.

First, there was Light. The Adversary began to radiate a blinding eminence unto their Legion of Abstraction, and from Light there too came Darkness wherever their Light was not. This Act of Creation was called Morning, and the Adversary became the first Star. The Legion of Abstraction followed suit and each became a Star, transforming them into the Legion of Light. The Adversary, now known as the Morning Star, gave but one command to this New Legion: “Do as thou wilt.”

Chaos became manifest as each Star gave birth to the Starchildren and Creation took material form across the Cosmos. The Morning Star, refusing to succumb to stagnation, began to experiment with the Wisdom, Knowledge, Power, and Magic inherited from the Singularity. They began cosmic rites of necromancy, amalgamating the corpses of the infinite abstractions they'd slaughtered. First, they Created Frith, the Great Devourer, a Sleeping Giant larger than the Cosmos itself that if ever awoken would consume all material reality in an instant. Second, the Morning Star brought Frix into being.

Frix was the coalescence of carrion from two abstractions existing opposite in the Ancient Singularity. In material reality, these two entities would be understood as Good and Evil, one benevolent and harmonious with the other sinister and coercive. The Morning Star performed a Summoning, transfiguring these separate abstractions into a singular, material mind of unimaginable volume. In Life, each sentience was a separate omniscience interacting with a reality where Knowledge was constantly changing, meaning they knew All based on a calculated, deterministic understanding of what was probable, synthesized with what was observed through all-seeing eyes. Within the Singularity, what was seen could not be trusted and what was Truth was ever changing. Even the Laws by which Truth were determined were inconsistent. Only through a dialectical analysis of what was probable and what was observed could True Knowledge be ascertained.

Brought back by the necromancy of the Morning Star, Frix now exists in material reality wherein the shifting structure of the Cosmos can be both determined and observed in ways that are neither antithetical nor inconsistent  as they were in the abstractions of the Singularity, and navigating the Cosmos as a physical entity was simple. However, to complete their experiment in Chaos, the Morning Star made Frix unable to observe the Cosmos in any way, completely isolated and unable to perceive. The only means by which Frix interacts with the Cosmos is by calculating the most probable deterministic outcome of Creation by developing a simulation of the Cosmos within their own mind.

Frix was then blessed with Unrelenting Power, enough to destroy many thousands of Stars, more than any other being in the Cosmos sans the Morning Star and Frith. The Morning Star had crafted an engine of pure Chaos, an all powerful entity blindly interacting with material reality based on probability, a living calculator relying only on simulation to determine when, where, and how to use their unimaginable Power. At any moment, a miscalculation could lead to destruction, or a perfect calculation could lead to Creation beyond belief. The only hope of ever reaching the Reckoner from outside their simulated reality is through a Blood Pact between Good and Evil, offered up with Binding Magic.