Blind was once a noble of good fortune among the Thiam, a race of necromancers who made their dominion on the bottom of the world; it stretched across both Deep Shadow and Scorched Sands, though never expanded for fear of offense to other Mercurians. The Thiam were not warmongers but scholars; they communicated with the Dead to expand their understanding of science and philosophy and lived as pacifists in their dark temples. 

As Time passed, the Thiam developed Ancient Wisdom and Forbidden Knowledge, seeing the world through the Eyes of the Dead and knowing the true nature of Oblivion. With these elements they began to develop advanced technology, androids harvesting carrion and computers harvesting souls. Their Knowledge and Wisdom began to increase exponentially, and with it their creations became more and more advanced. 

The Old Creator began to fear the Thiam, seeing their Ancient Wisdom and Forbidden Knowledge as a threat to his own. He also saw their harvesting the souls of the Dead as a grand theft; in the Beginning, God created Beael, Warden of Endless Sleep, to ensorcell Mercury with mortality. Beael's very purpose was the collection and keeping of souls whose bodies had gone to waste, preventing ghosts from running amok and ensuring no Mercurian could become Immortal without the Blessing of the Creator. Hence the Thiam's grand offense in their harvest of souls, an offense that would lead to their ultimate undoing. 

While the Thiam meant no harm to God or Beael, they also did not recognize the sovereign nature of the Creator or his Dark Lord. It was their belief that only Oblivion held sovereignty, and one day the Creator and even Beael himself would answer to the calling of the Void: "The only absolute is impermanence." The High Council of the Thiam had heard rumor of the coming Judgement, but did not fear for they believed ultimately Oblivion would claim their enemies as it would inevitably claim the Thiam. It did not matter that their research was destroyed; it did not matter that they would suffer: "The only absolute is impermanence; all things end in suffering." 

Many among the Thiam disregarded their dogmatic beliefs and feared for their own lives and the lives of their children; some made desperate appeals to the High Council to flee Mercury as the Chukar had long ago, whereas others called on their fellow Thiamese to stand and fight using the technology they had long developed. Blind (who was known by a different name in that Time,) however, brought unique insight to the High Council. His research through the Eyes of the Dead had long been focused on the Sun, studying the culture of the Sun Spirits and the nature of the Solar King, Isa. These were beings of Pure Magic, and it was Blind's theory that all of the gods were created by these Solarians, if not by Isa alone. He knew of an ivory pyramid where the ancient Mercurians communicated with the Sun, and thought if a Sun Spirit could be called using the Solar Tongue, there was a chance its Magic could be used to protect the Thiam. 

The High Council heard Blind's proposal and erupted into shouting and whispering, anger and fear. The High Elder raised hands to silence the rest, and addressed Blind sternly: "Magic has no place in the Thiam; it is not scientific. You know our laws, and what you have said here is both blasphemous and heretical. You are hereby banished from the Thiam, banished to wander the Scorched Sands into Oblivion." Blind smiled as he turned to leave; it was his intention to leave the Thiam regardless if they did not abandon their dogma for the prospect of survival. The High Council then chose to quell the fears of their proletariat by beginning work on a new super-computer in the Temple of Suffering which would create an Army of the Dead. However, the Centric Order's genocide obliterated the Thiam before this army could be Summoned.

The old name of Blind was forgotten with time, lost with the mangling of his mind by Isa, the Solar King. Upon leaving the Thiam, he wandered into the Scorched Sands, stood atop the mysterious ivory pyramid, and stared into the Sun. Forbidden Knowledge surpassing even God himself was imparted unto him by the Solar King, but the Magic of the Sun burned out his eyes. He was forced to bandage himself to slow the bleeding of their burnt hollow, wandering Blind across the desert sand until his destiny could be fulfilled.