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Upon His triumphant Creation of Mars, Raggoth erected an Ebenezer to honor Himself, His Glorious Rite of Passage, and Those Who Died By His Hand. This Ebenezer remains to this day a Mountain Beyond Mountains, the mighty Olympus Mons. Upon viewing this insurmountable testament to His Own Power, the God of War bowed and wept; the Mountain was Beauty and Grace, an Emblem of Wisdom upon his glorious new Planet.

He then Created His Own Right Hand in the Summoning, a warrior who’s Ancient Wisdom would grant council to the God of War and act as a counterbalance to His insatiable bloodlust. He wanted a great general who knew what He did not: Mercy. From the Red Stone of the Olympus Mons, Raggoth carved Absalon, the Doomfoot, and forged for His First Creation a Warhammer whose gravitational pull was like that of a moon. He named this terrifying weapon Kthuul.

Raggoth then coronated Abasalon with a crown of reptilian fangs, ripped from the jaws of ones slaughtered on Ganymede, and named him King of the Mountain, Keeper of the Olympus Mons. The Olympus Mons became a Holy Mountain where the Legions of Raggoth were trained for War. Demons, warriors, and battlemages born on Mars were tasked with a pilgrimage to the Olympus Mons, whereupon the further they climbed, the more Power, Wisdom, Knowledge, and Magic they’d become disciplined in. Temples covered the outside of the Mountain while the inside held labyrinthine cave systems wherein powerful monsters dwelt, all brought into being by Absalon to the test the mettle of those studying upon his great Mountain.

The Mountain was like an empire within an empire upon Mars. Many who sought the Mountain climbed to its peak and became Monks of War, enlightened by suffering and strength. These were the Disciples of Abasalon, devout not only to War but also to Peace, to an understanding of what was necessary and pragmatic beyond what gratified bloodlust and granted power. The Doomfoot himself sat on a throne of bones at the center of the Mountain, bones not of enemies but of those who died by the trials of the Olympus Mons. He was just, but prided himself in the harsh Truth he was willing to impose upon those who chose to follow him, the swift Justice he was willing to exact upon anyone who defied him upon the Mountain.

Absalon was not just the King of the Olympus Mons. The Mountain was like his Child and his Mother, their spirits connected by Flesh and Blood. From his throne of bones, he could strike the ground with Kthuul and send lightning to any point within or without the mountain. If Injustice was took place on the Mountain, the perpetrator would be destroyed by Absalon at the speed of light. Absalon and the Mountain were like conduits of each other, and their shared Power was Absolute.

After the Deceptions of Igna, Raggoth became a Mad God. His Wrath, despite Absalon’s council, meant an insatiable bloodlust that no amount of reason or mediation could curtail. When told the God of War had turned his Ultimate Weapon, Apophis, towards Gaia after slaying Igna, the Injustice of it all was too much for the Mountain King to tolerate. His only option was to wage War against Raggoth, a War he was almost certain he could not win but hoped would weaken the War God enough for an invader to succeed where he could not.

Awaiting the perfect opportunity for his Unholy Insurrection, Absalon saw Ypseth, the God of None, spring forth from Mercury to Create Earth in the Summoning. Upon Earth, Ypseth Summoned many legions, ranks of dragons, giants, elves, and druids, all prepared to ride against Mars and the God of War. Ypseth themself was a God more powerful than Absalon had ever seen, a Being unlike any other, and this being gave him hope for the coming Revolution on Mars. Individually, their Power might not surmount that of Raggoth, but in coalition they could thwart the Mad God’s conquest.

When the time came, the Invasion of Mars by Ypseth was truly an interplanetary War to End All Wars, and whence the Legions of Earth came to fight, the Legions of the Olympus Mons descended upon Raggoth from within His own dominion. Under the Doomfoot’s command, the Monks and their disciples spread like a wildfire through the cities of Mars, ransacking industrial complexes and annihilating anyone who stood in their path. As Raggoth and the Legions of Mars faced Ypseth and the Legions of Earth, Mars was being consumed from the other side by Insurrection.

Finding one another on the field of battle, Ypseth and Raggoth commenced to duel. While Raggoth was more powerful and formidable, the speed and cleverness of Ypseth was disorienting as they danced around the War God. In a sweeping motion, Ypseth disarmed Raggoth of His Unholy Blade, the Godslayer, threw the God of War to the ground and impaled Him with His own sword. Raggoth was pinned to the ground and suffering intensely, but could never surrender. As Ypseth descended upon Him with a fatal blow, the War God used His Magic to split the God of None back into the Six Summoners and scattered them across the Planets. Once Ypseth was split apart, the Legions of Earth divided, some returning to Earth to fortify themselves against the coming terror if Legions of Mars chose to invade. Upon hearing of Ypseth’s defeat and Raggoth’s injury, Absalon rallied his disciples and continued their Unholy Insurrection. Inevitably, the superior strength and discipline of the War Monks and their students was overwhelmed by the weaponry and sheer numbers of Raggoth’s Legions until they had been driven back the Olympus Mons.

Deep within the Olympus Mons, Absalon wept upon his throne of bones. He wept not for defeat; he wept because he knew he had to leave the Mountain. He wept because he knew eventually the caves of the Mountain would be infiltrated by Raggoth’s Legions and his War Monks and monsters would not be enough to hold them off. He knew that while it would be honorable to die a warrior’s death upon the Mountain he loved so dearly, it was pragmatic and necessary for him to leave the Mountain and jettison himself from Mars with his mighty Warhammer so he could find the Summoners, the Pieces of Ypseth, for without the God of None there was no hope against the Wrath of Raggoth. So Absalon wept, and his tears flowed into the floor of the Mountain forming stalactites in the caves beneath.

Reaching the peak of the Olympus Mons, Absalon gazed over the burning landscapes of Mars, covered in armies and weapons of war, a planet he both loved and loathed. With a final falling tear, he wished his true love the, Mountain Beyond Mountains, goodbye and whipped Kthuul towards the stars, flying deep into Space in search of the Summoners.